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How a Home Inspection Outcome Can Affect a Sale

There are many reasons you should have a professional home inspector check the property before you buy it. The outcomes of this process can have a tremendous impact on whether or not you should buy the property. Here are the potential outcomes and how they may affect the entire property buying process.

Clean and Ready

Your home inspector may give the home a clean bill of health. This is the outcome that every home buyer wants. The implication is that the roof, electrical system, roof, exteriors, and interiors are in perfect working condition. There’s no damage, no leaks or other structural deficiencies.

The impact is that there’s nothing standing between you and your dream home. The next step is to start processing the sale and start negotiating on the terms of sale.

Price Negotiations

You may decide to proceed with the buying process in light of several highlighted issues. That gives you an upper hand on the negotiation table. Depending on the extent of the issues raised, you can ask the seller to lower their price since you’re willing to shoulder the burden of the repairs.

If the negotiations don’t turn out as you had anticipated, you are at liberty to walk away from the deal; no questions asked. Alternatively, the seller may offer to incur the closing costs as opposed to reducing the price of the home. Do the math and if the deal sounds good for you, take it.

Need for Repair

There could be moderate issues that need to be addressed. For instance, a leak in the hot water heater, a bathroom that is out of shape may delay the sale since all these issues have to be brought to rest. The moment the issues raised on the inspection report have been sorted, negotiations can resume and the deal pursued to completion.

You can expect these three scenarios when looking to close a property deal. It’s recommended that you work with a home buying and selling expert to avoid any potential pitfalls. There’re issues that you can only overcome if you have a seasoned mind helping you through the entire process. Don’t shortcuts that might compromise the quality of the home and how much you spend on it.

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